Community, Leadership, Vision


The Kidwells

We settled in Huntersville in 2009, but both have ties to the community going back to the late 1990's.  In 2010 we were married at St. Marks Catholic Church, and have been fortunate enough to begin raising our family here. 


Serving The Community

 As a multi-term, Huntersville Town Commissioner, doing the right thing for my community as a whole came first, above anything else.  My voting record will show support for our growing towns needs, through responsible budgeting, economic development support, new infrastructure projects, municipal buildings, parks, preserving our historic sites, and support for our Huntersville Police and Fire departments.  During that time, and for two years as the Huntersville representative on the CRTPO committee, my position was to be Huntersville's strongest voice on behalf of our infrastructure needs.  I stood up for and worked for those in our community impacted by Ocular Melanoma, by supporting Geo-spatial testing, and having continued to push for environmental testing.  I have continued to support our community in other areas, as a volunteer, and am ready to lead us into the future. 


Our Future

As our town continues to grow, we should be addressing and planning for the current and future needs of our community.  Through strong leadership, vision, fiscal responsibility, and accountability of planned projects.  I believe we can address and manage those needs going forward, by listening and working as a team.