Platform and Issues

Planning our Future


We need to begin looking towards the future and developing a long term vision that we can utilize.  Shovel ready projects for our transportation modes, quality of life projects, and transparency for our citizens should be our priority.

Educational Choice


Every citizen in Huntersville deserves the opportunity for school choice.  While the town explores it's own option for a community school, we should not ignore what we already have.  Let's continue to work with the existing Public, Public Charter, and Private schools so we provide our children opportunities for their future.

Economic growth


Successful economic growth will be a combined effort of our Elected officials, Town staff, Chambers of Commerce, the Lake Norman EDC, and our community.  Working together we can support and build our established businesses while creating opportunities for new growth.



We all succeed when we work together.  Having open lines of communication with our neighboring towns, on all sides, will be a priority.  I have successfully worked with those communities in the past, and will do so in the future to rebuild the regionalism we need.

Supporting our First Responders


As our population continues to grow, so does our crime.  The men and women who serve in our Fire and Police departments, work tirelessly to protect and serve our community.  Before, during, and after incidents occur.  I will continue my already established support and appreciation of what they do for our town.

Smart and Strategic Development


It is time we addressed the type and density of developments in our community, going forward.  We need  to  grow responsibly without the continued impacts to our infrastructure, schools, and quality of life we have in our town.